Metaphysical sculptures by George Perendia

This collection is of contemporary “road-side” memorial steles that combine symbols of ancient cultures and crashed car parts as signs of our contemporary, technologically advanced civilisation and of its vulnerability. It aims to remind that the unpredictable behaviour of nature and human psyche may nevertheless lead to tragic consequences for this civilisation as whole.

George’s sculptural work has been greatly inspired by the contrast between contemporary technology and science, the archaeology and arts of ancient Mediterranean and Mexican cultures and the medieval memorial sculptural art of road-side steles.

Some of the presented sculptures were conceived in the late 1970’s, executed, and shown in several group and one-artist shows during the early 1980’s prior to his move to England. This collection also presents the more recent works including “Who is afraid of VW” and “A Memorial for a Known Cyclist” which was shown in 2004 at the London Foundry gallery as a memorial for a friend, a cyclist and artist, killed at a nearby roundabout.

“These works should be displayed in every car insurance company’s reception” (A visitor at a previous exhibition)

A Biographical Note

After an early start in the mid 70’s as a conceptual artist with exhibitions of graphic works such as one based on the performance “Einstein on the Beach” by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson in 1976, George undertook training at two art colleges gaining a degree in Fine Art in 1984.

During the 1980s he travelled around Europe and US visiting some the major exhibitions, meeting and taking part in discussions with critics (e.g. A.B. Oliva and C. Argan) and artist (e.g. Cesar). Since his move to England he has taken part in several group shows at various galleries including London Riverside Studios and The Contact Gallery in Norwich, Foundry (London, 2004, 2005), Phoenix Center, Exeter (2005) and most recently, at Le Salon des Arts, Paris (Dec. 2015).

In addition to his art training, George also gained a degree in Electronics and an MSc in Computer Graphics with his work on computer modelling of Cubist art style. He also studied Sociology of Culture, read on linguistics and its applications in design of architectural and urban spaces. This study resulted in him taking part in developing design proposals for public and memorial spaces in several world cities such as New York.

With the members of Ionist Art group in the late 1980s and again in the late 1990s, he took part in a series of discussions between artists and scientists. George is currently a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors artists’ association and researches stochastic phenomena and their implications for human environment and history. 

Recent Exhibitions:

Le Salon des Arts, Paris (Dec. 2015).
Exeter Phoenix, 1st – 27th December 2005
London Foundry, March 2005